Princess Ezra 

New York City-based make-up artist Princess Ezra derives her style from the influence of diverse environments, lifestyles, and histories of the places she has traveled.

She was a former pre-med student at the University of Houston. It was there that she extensively studied the human anatomy and structure that she would later use for reference in various makeup applications.

Her background in make-up artistry started at a young age when she was trained in musical and performing arts. The world of theatre fascinated her- particularly the make-up aspect of it.  To learn the techniques to create the same multimedia makeup that captivated her as a child, she attended Makeup Designory in New York City and graduated with a Master's of Makeup Artistry. Since then, she has worked in film and fashion environments continually expanding her knowledge of makeup.

Princess Ezra has one goal in mind: "To tell the story behind each face". Regardless of what field of artistry that may fall under, she strongly believes each make-up transformation should be one of great purpose.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
— Edgar Degas
Princess Ezra Abardo